Posted by: The_Hunter James "CommanderJB" Brown has passed away. Posted on: 23-07-2009 02:03

For those of you who do not regulairy browse Fallout Studios anymore CommanderJB or James Brown has passed away this monday.
I cannot realy express myself well in words about these things but i can tell that JB was a very valuable member to our community and that of Fallout Studios and that he will be dearly missed.

Feel free to leave him a messege here or here on Fallout Studios where Wizard made a very nice farewell post where all of you could pass on your thoughts and last words.
Posted by: Stinger ShockWave 0.96 July update Posted on: 05-07-2009 08:25

Hi everyone,

You can find the latest declassified ShockWave hardware right here.

Enjoy. cool.gif
Posted by: Overdose ROTR Update #34 posted! Posted on: 04-07-2009 09:30

Go check it out the new ROTR Update.
Posted by: The_Hunter Yahoo Mail Issue Posted on: 23-06-2009 01:37

Attention to all of those who registered using a Yahoo email.

It seems that Yahoo blocks out all the emails from our forums so you will have to check your spam emails for your vallidation.
We apologize for the inconvenience

The Hunter on behalf of the SWR Administration.
Posted by: Comr4de ROTR Developers Video Feed! Posted on: 13-06-2009 15:16

The Developers of ROTR want to get some of your questions answered! Want to know more about the upcoming units in 1.5 or anything in general for 2.0? Ask away at the Developers Video Feed thread here!
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