Posted by: The_Hunter Rise of the Reds update #35 Posted on: 05-08-2009 00:16

Rise of the Reds update #35 has been posted showcasing the new Russian Airfield and Helipad.

Check out the update here on The Forums or here on The Website
Posted by: Wi-Ta Validating trouble Posted on: 29-07-2009 16:26

Dear validating members
We did notice many validating members with mail address from or
If you have trouble receiving a validation E-Mail please check your spam inbox.
If you still have trouble with validating please contact wi_ta(at)rocketmail(dot)com.
Validating member longer than 30 days will be deleted.

With best regards
SWR moderating team

Deleting will start on 02.08.2009
Posted by: The_Hunter James "CommanderJB" Brown has passed away. Posted on: 23-07-2009 02:03

For those of you who do not regulairy browse Fallout Studios anymore CommanderJB or James Brown has passed away this monday.
I cannot realy express myself well in words about these things but i can tell that JB was a very valuable member to our community and that of Fallout Studios and that he will be dearly missed.

Feel free to leave him a messege here or here on Fallout Studios where Wizard made a very nice farewell post where all of you could pass on your thoughts and last words.
Posted by: Stinger ShockWave 0.96 July update Posted on: 05-07-2009 08:25

Hi everyone,

You can find the latest declassified ShockWave hardware right here.

Enjoy. cool.gif
Posted by: Overdose ROTR Update #34 posted! Posted on: 04-07-2009 09:30

Go check it out the new ROTR Update.
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