Posted by: GeneralCamo ShockWave 1.2 Released! Posted on: 16-03-2016 00:38

Yes Generals, the long-awaited moment is finally here. The 11th anniversary of C&C Shockwave is upon us, and with that, the release of our Anniversary patch.

11 years ago on this date, The_Hunter released C&C Shockwave 0.8 to the public. At the time, it was a simple balance patch with a couple of new units. It has significantly grown since then to become more than that, but still contains the fast paced gameplay we love from the original Zero Hour. And now, a new version dawns on us, in a new era of the C&C community. On behalf of the SWR team, The_Hunter, and myself, we thank you for your support throughout the years and welcome many more exciting years to come. We will continue to support the Shockwave community for the forseeable future, and will continue to make patches to balance the game, fix bugs, and maybe even add a few surprises along the way.


Do note that this is a full version, and you should uninstall 1.1 before installing this. Also note that we haven't tested this with the General's Challenges, which will be entirely reworked in a future patch.
Also, we will not be providing a no-installer/Mac release for this version. (due to a limitation of the Mac release of the game it will crash consistently)

Also check out Hecthor Doomhammer's release streams on Friday at 19:00 UTC and Sunday at 14:00 UTC. Look for games being hosted by Hecthor Doomhammer himself during those times if you wish to be on the stream. smile.gif
See you on the battlefield!

Posted by: Graion Dilach Rejuvenation Supérior! Posted on: 09-02-2016 17:01

Hello everyone, my name is Graion Dilach - you can call me simply as Graion - and I am here to deliver the residual SWR-hosted newcomer project, Attacque Supérior's 2015 progress report. To put it bluntly - talk about the greatest challenge this 5 year old project faced.

In early summer 2015, Attacque Supérior successfully switched engines and left Yuri's Revenge/Ares for good in favor of OpenRA. (Many thanks to Astor of Crystallized Doom for actually initiating the process) While the conversion isn't completed at the moment, and probably won't be for a good while now, the changes have already led AS into a path of constant evolution, pushing boundaries and reinventing gameplay.

In the current beta build, Allies, Soviets and the Freedom Confederates have already been restored, with Pacted probably following them. Yuri and Oppressors will have to wait - the first one due to requiring major features to be recoded before usable, the latter due it's gameplay style still being redesigned from the ground up.

In this newspost I'll be talking about the potential hidden in the codebase. Attacque Supérior will have it's own unique codebase working and maintained alongside with the OpenRA main code/repository. This is a feature of OpenRA's - mods created/run by capable modders can code their own features and include them as a third-party plugin, which can be included just like any asset by the mod. Attacque Supérior will definitely (ab)use this feature, due to many reasons, from not relying on other third party dependencies (like the WIP RA2 mod), and allowing to prioritize/feature logics the base games (ie. any Westwood-made C&C) doesn't have/fit, for example, a planned feature for Pacted will be the Generals US pilot-system with it's salvageable veterancy system, with the "engine support" technically being placed into the AS codebase.

Chrono Miner evading an airburst missile. Just another day in many RA2 mod gameplays.

What makes this feature newspostworthy even now that AS will not sit on this codebase privately. You can already track - albeit a bit lousy - it on and - if you're an OpenRA modder - even use this code in your OpenRA project, provided you actually get to compile it - an example to set it up will always be provided in my OpenRA repository - Keep in mind that the AS codebase is provided as-is and might not fully compliant with the OpenRA guidelines.

Another drastic change as a followup of the above turned up to be the move of the whole AS project from C&C Guild. While Revora, the association behind C&C Guild was a great place and great start for projects like AS, the scattered community and the sheer size always resulted with an abandoned feel for AS. This, as well as Revora's choice of separating C&C Online entirely from C&C Guild implied to me that the Guild is a legacy of his own, one which has no long-term chance to shine again. At first I didn't even intended to pop up on SWR, but honestly speaking, SWR is a friendly place where I do feel I belong to for a while now. And I'm happy I could join.

Another newspost will come later to talk about what changes the factions themselves received due to the engine change. But there's also a different option.

Yes, you see it right, after a year of absence AS returns to the channel of Hecthor Doomhammer, bringing back the crazyness in full time! We're hoping to actually maintain the monthly streams this time though. biggrin.gif You'll see how AS evolved in a lot different ways. I will also ofcourse monitor the streamchat and will try to answer your questions in real-time. So be prepared at the madness incoming at 13th Feb 19:00!

We're also opening up tester positions for now, since now that we're through the first hiccups, we could use some fresh insight to evolve further. A requirement will be a Skype account you're willing to share besides an SWR account ofcourse.

The 2016 roadmap so far has the Pacted rejuvenation, working on missing RA2/Ares/AS features and whatever knocks in. We'll see what that'll be.

Everyone, have a supérior year, Graion out.

Posted by: The_Hunter Rise of the Reds Version 1.85 Released Posted on: 01-04-2015 02:49

Hello everyone we have just released Version 1.85 of Rise of the Reds!

Check out the release update here on The Forums or download it right away on The Website
Posted by: The_Hunter We're Back in Bussines. Posted on: 15-06-2014 23:57

Hello everyone and welcome back!

As it turns out our awesome server technicians managed to get everything up and running slightly sooner than originaly anticipated smile.gif
We did initialy see a few minor errors on the forum which have been fixed before we decided to put everything back up online and running.

There is still a slight chance some things might not be working entirely as intended (even tho we check everything we might still have missed something) so if you notice anything not working as intended feel free to post it here or in the Comment Box Forum.

The Hunter on behalf of the SWR Administration.
Posted by: Hecthor Doomhammer The Hecthor Doomhammer Streaming Service subforum is open for business Posted on: 11-04-2014 17:41

Hello every one, my name is Hecthor Doomhammer and today I've got a special announcement.

You all may know me as the guy who streams a few of the more popular and also upcoming mods of classic Command and Conquer games.
Recently I've started to edit those stream videos and upload them to my Youtube channel. But I also on occasion record random matches in Mental Omega and upload them too.

Now with great pleasure I'd like to announce that a special subforum has been opened, where I will post updates on when I stream, what I stream and what other videos I've uploaded onto Youtube.
Also in this subforum you can post feedback, ask question and even request me to record your matches in Mental Omega and YR: Red Resurrection.

So I hope to see you al here
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