Our first great project. It started in early 2003 when The_Hunter first started to modify C&C Generals. It was mostly a personal modification for himself and a few close friends but in 2005, ShockWave was released to the public and gathered a huge following in the coming years with its many new units, new buildings and balance changes. ShockWave was successful because it managed to stay faithful to the original game while improving diversity between all the factions therefore increasing replay value many times over.

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Rise of the Reds, the biggest project our team has handled yet. ROTR is a partial total conversion and partial expansion mod that is seen as an unofficial sequel to the Generals franchise. The older factions were brought up to our standards and modified even further. Two entirely new factions were also introduced; The Russian Federation, a lumbering steamrolling powerhouse that thrives in one on one combat and the European Continental Army, a very defensive and highly technological faction that specializes in low risk and high pay off tactics. Mostly unique to ZH modding is the emphasis on the storyline of the mod and the story driven game play.

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Generals Classic; a mod that brings many of the ZH improvements to vanilla Generals among other changes.

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A Zero Hour total conversion mod that recreates the 1998 cult classic in the SAGE engine. The project is led both by The_Hunter and Rade and earned considerable popularity, especially with fans of the original game.

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In the year 2055, a new war is beginning.
Deep Impact is a total conversion mod, developed by the No Life Studios Team, set more than 30 years after the events of ZH.
It Adds 4 new factions: The American Confederacy, West European Alliance, Asian Democratic Federation, and The World Liberation Front.

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Tidal Wars is an enhancement mod for C&C Generals Zero Hour developed by NProductions that will bring you the new genuine naval warfare. Explore the alternate version of the Generals universe where you can fight in land, air, and seas. Tidal Wars not only focused on water warfare but also other gameplay enhancements as well.

Sets in alternate version of the Generals universe, after the event of the original game, the unstopping threat from GLA remnants pushes US Navy to take a daring decision, with the invention from Evans Corporation, the conflict enters a new chapter.

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C&C Untitled is a semi-conversion mod for Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour that refines the old, classic generals by giving them cool new toys that everyone would surely like..

Not only that, C&C Untitled also improves alot of miscellaneous items like audio, particle effects and even map doodads to give the overall ambiance of the game a fresh new look and feel to it.

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