Our History

SWR Productions stands for "S"hockWave, "W"arGames and "R"ise of the Reds which were our first 3 major projects.

SWR Productions was previously known as the ShockWave Team. It all started out in the early summer of 2003 when André, more commonly known as "The Hunter", started out attempting to tweak weapon stats and sound effects in Command and Conquer: Generals. This project was a personal mod for friends on LAN games at first, but around late 2004 André met up with Chrizz and things started to become a bit more organized. A lot of new custom content was added and thus ShockWave became a public mod on March 16th 2005. After this, with the help of Deathstrike, who later became second-in-command of what was then known as the "ShockWave Team", we had several other releases for ShockWave including version 0.9, which was the kick start of our fanbase. Since then we have explored a new Total Conversion mod known as WarGames Zero Hour and shortly thereafter Rise of the Reds. Thus, we decided to unite under one name as SWR Productions in July 2007 and have been going on like that till the present day.

Our Goals

Our main objective is to just do our hobby which is modding/game design using an already developed engine, starting out with the SAGE engine for Generals and Generals: Zero Hour on which we based our first modifications. We do this with passion and have high standards for our projects. Some consider us "professional" although we think that might be a bit too much praise. We make our modifications and projects for fun - that is how it has always has been, and it has not changed today and it will remain this way.

Our Future

Presently we only make mods and projects for C&C Generals: Zero Hour although in the future we intend to move onto different game engines to create other mods and game projects. We have discussed the possibilities of moving onto a new C&C game for modding, although with the latest changes EA Games are making to the C&C games of the future, and at the rate which they are being released, we have pretty much revoked all ideas we had for this and are looking into modding other games presently, although nothing is quite set in stone just yet.

Our Community

Although our community is fresh and only recently started, we already have a fairly active member base on our forums to keep things interesting and entertaining. Currently we host only our own projects, but we don't intend things to remain this way forever. We have now set up a hosting policy so that external mod developers may join our community.
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