Posted by: The_Hunter Rise of the Reds Version 1.85 Released Posted on: 01-04-2015 02:49

Hello everyone we have just released Version 1.85 of Rise of the Reds!

Check out the release update here on The Forums or download it right away on The Website
Posted by: The_Hunter We're Back in Bussines. Posted on: 15-06-2014 23:57

Hello everyone and welcome back!

As it turns out our awesome server technicians managed to get everything up and running slightly sooner than originaly anticipated smile.gif
We did initialy see a few minor errors on the forum which have been fixed before we decided to put everything back up online and running.

There is still a slight chance some things might not be working entirely as intended (even tho we check everything we might still have missed something) so if you notice anything not working as intended feel free to post it here or in the Comment Box Forum.

The Hunter on behalf of the SWR Administration.
Posted by: Hecthor Doomhammer The Hecthor Doomhammer Streaming Service subforum is open for business Posted on: 11-04-2014 17:41

Hello every one, my name is Hecthor Doomhammer and today I've got a special announcement.

You all may know me as the guy who streams a few of the more popular and also upcoming mods of classic Command and Conquer games.
Recently I've started to edit those stream videos and upload them to my Youtube channel. But I also on occasion record random matches in Mental Omega and upload them too.

Now with great pleasure I'd like to announce that a special subforum has been opened, where I will post updates on when I stream, what I stream and what other videos I've uploaded onto Youtube.
Also in this subforum you can post feedback, ask question and even request me to record your matches in Mental Omega and YR: Red Resurrection.

So I hope to see you al here
Posted by: MyDude25 C&C Untitled is now on SWR! Posted on: 24-02-2014 17:26

We proudly announce that C&C Untitled is now hosted on SWR Productions forum!

C&C Untitled is one of the oldest mods for C&C Generals Zero Hour, proudly developed by No-Life Studios, that refines the old, classic generals by giving them cool new toys
that everyone would surely like..

C&C Untitled not only focuses on refining the classic generals, it also focuses on improving alot of miscellaneous items like audio, particle effects
and even overhauling those old classic maps to give the overall ambiance of the game a new look and feel to it.

Click on the image below to see our new forum!

If you guys want to see C&C Untitled's render gallery and images, click the link below:
Moddb image gallery

For more info about the mod, you guys / gals can check out the following links as well:

Downloads (Moddb) | Moddb | Facebook
Posted by: The_Hunter Exclusive Interview on CBCPT Posted on: 16-08-2013 00:21
Finally, we are proud to announce that Rise of the Reds will be featured on this month's episode of Community Battlecast Primetime, including an interview with The Hunter and Comr4de, exclusive previews and new information from behind the scenes!

Just click on the image below to watch their latest episode.

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